Grandparent Chats! [All 10 Chats UNLOCKED]

Grandparent Chats! [All 10 Chats UNLOCKED]

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‘Grandparent Chats’ is a collection of 10 curated questionnaires with the two-fold goal of:
-lifting the spirits of the elderly by engaging with them on a regular basis, and;
-inspiring youth to see personal value in the lessons our elders have to share.

A digital ebook filled with 130+ refreshing questions divided into 10 successive chats, designed to become a weekly activity for young people and their elderly relatives to do virtually, either by video or phone call.

Appropriate for all ages, our questions are phrased in a way that allows the grandparent to tailor their response for their specific audience. So, whether you’re 7 or 27, Grandparent Chats is for you!

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Making A Difference

I never knew I was so much like my grandmother. It's empowering to know how she was able to overcome significant challenges in her life.

Kenley, 16.

I had a great time interviewing my grandpa. His movie turned out so good and I'm so glad I will have it to show my kids someday. They will be able to know him like I did.

Logan, 18.