Sharing is Caring

We Guide, You Film, We Edit.
Receive your kit and
Choose a Relative to Interview

With just your iPhone and our step-by-step guide, we'll help you get your surroundings and settings just right.

Next, let the camera roll as you interview your loved one. The setting becomes special and intentional as you laugh and learn together.

Our Kit
Dramatically Improves the Final Product

We've sourced and compiled a kit of easy-to-use tools that will enhance the already-great quality of your iPhone camera.

Leave the Editing to Us

Customized introduction with title, favorite song and b-roll; enhanced visual interest through strategic cropping & sound optimization: The works.


Digitally Preserved

Your movie will be available to you as a digital download to share with all your precious loved ones for decades to come.

A Better Way

We Are All Made of Stories

Capture your family's today.