Grandparent Chats

10 curated questionaires with 130+ thoughtful questions to ask your loved ones for an inspiring and uplifting chat.


connection through
movie making

"Family... is the greatest humanizing influence we have among us."
Alex Haley

Born From a Vision

Studies show that deeper relationships between young and old encourage mutual empathy, instill confidence and establish self-worth.

With an iPhone™ in your pocket,
'Pro-grade' videography has never been so affordable.

We Guide

Leave the details to us.
We guide you through set-up and provide a list of thoughtful and interesting questions.

You Film

Simply hit record.
Using your iPhone™ + our kit, capture your loved one's story while learning and laughing with them.

How It Works
We Edit

We're perfectionists.
Intro, b-roll, music, framing, sound; we do it all, digitally delivered as a 45 min HD movie in just 2 weeks.

We Are All Made of Stories
Capture your family's today.

Making A Difference

I never knew I was so much like my grandmother. It's empowering to know how she was able to overcome significant challenges in her life.

Kenley, 16.

I had a great time interviewing my grandpa. His movie turned out so good and I'm so glad I will have it to show my kids someday. They will be able to know him like I did.

Logan, 18.